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Quad seat covers would be the most important covers to fit correctly because these machines are out in all weather conditions and in a very dirty environment. Ours fit the best, use the best fabrics and absolutely no dodgy elastic straps. 

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We love the John Deere product, but when it comes to which seat is in your J D tractor no-one knows except us. We have a massive data base of photos and measurements that sorts out what's in your tractor. When you contact us we will need your tractor model, the seat manufacturer i.e. Grammar and the seat's model number (on the back) 731, and a pic of the seat.

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Helicopter and all machinery seat covers

I reckon that their are more Robinson helicopters in the outback than Landcruiser utes. We have not been able to keep up with supply to these machines. There are two seat model variations for both the R22 and R44 and the old original versions are getting replaced with the new version. We need to know which version is in your machine. The new version started around late 2011. 

Contact me by text or email with your enquiry. 

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Dingo Seat Covers has been re-booted as River Bend Canvas, with the same designs, same production team, same materials, and the SAME PRODUCT.  We just have a different admin team.

However, our focus will be primarily on Agricultural equipment, Quads, Buggies, Tractors and Helicopters. Some of the very odd products I will still make to order such as the Stratos suspension seats, OKA trucks etc.

For the time being I will not be using a buy-online sales process, so please email or call me with your queries or orders.

For a time, all products will be made to order.  Sadly, production costs in Australia are unsustainable for a small regional family manufacturer.  As I re-grow the business, I will be investigating either teaming up with an Australian manufacturer with much larger production facilities and/or investigating offshore production from within our region of the South Pacific, ie New Guinea or Fiji for example.

Our new contact details are:

Email -

Phone - (Mobile)  0407743049

Location - 18A Comet Avenue, Atherton, Queensland 4883


Tim Forsyth


River Bend Canvas.


Fitting your new seat cover

This video demonstrates the fitting of a seat cover to a quad bike seat.




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